Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Killer Ronald McDonald

So. I remembered the PETA again. And, well, being bored, I decided to play their game: New Super Chick Sisters Game. What it is is a pun on the Mario games but instead using chicks as the 'Mario Brothers'. The first one is KFC and the second is McDonalds. Here are a few screenshots I took:

Pretty Standard. Choose a language. The 'sisters' have mustaches which is kind of odd....

Making an idiot of Mario. I'm guessing they stole the idea. I mean, who would let the PETA make 'chickens' of your characters?

The game-play. Evil Hamburgers and all. A frightened chick at the far right. My little chick version of Luigi on the left.


 All the pictures above are from the McDonalds version.  Below is KFC.

If you read that one, it's a menu. It's completely daft.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Being a Kid

Hello it's Sierra posting, I think I am going to just go straight into my post.

Being a kid gives you little respect. Whatever your doing you doing it wrong
It doesn't matter if you don't want to go on a really long walk even if we did only tell you five minutes before we have to leave.
I don't care if you are really sick you don't have a choice you have to go to school.
Even if it is your birthday I made this lunch for you already so eat it weather you like it or not.

It's especially hard being a kid in the 21st century
Adults always say how when they were kids they didn't have computers and when you said goodbye to somebody how they didn't have e-mail or face book to keep in touch that was usually it!
But it's not our fault we were born when we were born and when we have children they probably will have lots of technology that we don't have now. We probably can't imagine what more could be invented but then again 100 years ago I bet they couldn't imagine computers or things like that.

Also things like the environment when we come into the world it is already badly polluted when adults were kids things were probably more easy to fix because it wasn't as bad into it but now they just tell us kids to look after the environment. Like in National Geographic Kids Magazine every page is just telling you to be Eco - friendly (at least the English one).
So adults just make a big mess of the environment and then leave the next generation to clear it up!

Maybe I am over exaggerating but it's true! If you like at the adults National Geographic instead of all save the planet stuff. It's just information and what the magazine is supposed to be. So usually I end up reading the adult magazine as there are no 'be Eco - friendly' things on every page.


Monday, July 26, 2010


Sorry. But Anyways. Welcome to Ellie and all of the new ranters. But I think six people is enough for the moment.. Maybe in the future I'll 'recruit' more people. But not for now. Mmkay. Thanks bye! And tell yo budzzz.


My turn to Rant! WOOT!

I'm Ellie, and I live in England.
That's all you need to know about me.
But I do have a rant.

Don't you just hate it, when someone you're really close to goes and slags off something they know you really like?
Seriously, they should know you well enough to not be horrible to you. You like this, they like that. Do you go and slag off something they like? I don't think so.
And then, what happens next, is that your heart may be broken with this person, and you may not like them, but the moment they need something from you, then suddenly they're your best friend again.

I know people aren't the same, and they aren't perfect, but can't they be a little conscientious? Some things money can't buy, such as relationships and the fact you have someone you know you can trust with anything.
And that's all we come down to in the end, isn't it? We only get money to please ourselves and others, we're always worried about what other people think...
It's pathetic.
But we can't escape from it.
Because we're human, and not to try and quote any specific thing, but we're not perfect. And no one will ever be able to change that. We're not meant to last, we're meant to make the world a better place when we leave it than when we enter it.
And call it God's work, or whatever you want to call it - we should all do that.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Act Your Age!

Hello, it's May here today.
I love dolls and teddies, my room is kinda kiddie. No pink walls or anything though. All my friends think the dolls and stuff are pretty cool. But my teacher thought it was odd for 3 girls to like AG dolls, but of course that didn't bother me. But y'know. From time to time people comment on other people's youtubes and stuff saying 'OH GEEZ MOLLZ. I CANT BULYEV U LYKE DOZ KREPPY DOLLZ! LOL LOL LOL!' It's just unfairr and annoying. We can like what we like, we can be what we are.
Example? I used to really like books for girls younger than my age when I was 10/11. I'd read books aimed at eight year olds and stuff. The girl didn't mean any harm but when I said 'I'm reading The Witch Baby and Me' she said 'OH! My sister's reading that!' her sister was 7 or so. I'm lucky I don't have a bullying class. (Well. uh. something) But mixed schools and bigger classes make fun of you for the littlest things. 'LOL! GUYZ. GESS WAT I HURD 2DAY!' 'wat tell mi' 'MIA PLAYS WIT AG DOLLZ ANNND HUR ROOOM IZ LYKE PINK ANNND U KNOW, RLY BABIEISH!' 'lolololololol' darn rumors. DX

I wish people would keep to themselves. 'Got something good to say, say it. Got something bad to say, shut the fennell up' Bahh humbug.


Sunday, July 18, 2010


Hiya. So first of all, I apologize. There is no way I can be as serious as Libby was in the last post on the blog. (Which was amazing, by the way.)
It's too hard for me to express myself that way when other people (that I don't know in real life) can read it. I just can't. So I'm warning you, my rants will probably be a little silly. :/

All right.
So do you have the type of parent(s) that likes to invite people over to your home to stay overnight and visit? I do. My father, at least. Well, my family lives in the middle of the desert smack dab 30 miles away on each side from two towns. So hosting visitors isn't as common as it could be if we lived nearer to the city. But anyway.
So my dad invited over a couple (none of us others know) that work with him or something, but they live in southern California. So they come up our driveway (it's a steep, twisty, bumpy, roller-coaster-type driveway) with their huge trailer attached to their pickup and take about half an hour trying to turn it around (keep in mind, this is a HUGELY LONG THING THEY ARE TRYING TO TURN AROUND) and they even have to chainsaw down some branches because KEEP IN MIND WE LIVE ON THE TOP OF A HILL AND THERE REALLY ISN'T ENOUGH SPACE FOR TURNING AROUND VEHICLES LONGER THAN A COUPLE OF REGULAR CARS and then they have the nerve to bring along a ROTTWEILER AND SOME OTHER HUGE DOG THAT I CAN NOT REMEMBER AT THE MOMENT so of course, we have to pen our one-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog upstairs and we have to pen their dogs in the backyard because our Labrador lives outside. SO ANYWAY. Then of course my mother has to go get propane and ice because my dad is entertaining but the little store three miles away is CLOSED for some reason, even though it's only three in the afternoon, so then my mum comes back and has to start cooking and I have to sit upstairs with the puppy because she's practically having a panic attack that she can't go see the other dogs, which the owners think will fight her... And it's like HOT HOT HOT because this is JULY IN THE DESERT and the bugs are EVIL, so I happily stay upstairs playing Game-Boy. AND THEN we're like, okay, well they're only here for one night and they can stay in the trailer la di dah, (oh, and by the way did I mention we're having construction and fixing things up around our house so the guy that's helping is staying in our guest room so we have HIM there as well) and then, this morning, I asked my mom if they had left yet, and she said, no, they might stay another night. GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not to mention about a billion other things are happening around here, like my dad got his wallet stolen, so all of our credit cards and stuff had to be halted (except for a few that he didn't have, my mum did) and, yeah.

So if you didn't bother to read that, I don't blame you.
But that's what this blog is for, right?


Monday, July 12, 2010

Being A Girl

Hi. My name is Libby, and I’m a new contributor to Rant Once Or Twice.
And I’m I girl. And that’s what my rant is about.

Being a girl.

Being a girl is tough. Wear short skirts and you are immoral. Wear long skirts and you are a freak.

If you want to be a mama you are a doormat. If you want to work instead of having children, you are heartless.

Sip a mojito and you are a lout. Refrain from drinking and you are a killjoy.

You can’t be who you want to be, because who you want to be isn’t normal. Because normal is all that matters.

It’s okay for a guy to date loads of girls, because, you know, that’s what guys do, right? But if a girl so much as smiles at a boy, that’s it. She’s a total slut, a whore.
If you want to have faithfulness and feminism in your heart, you won’t win either way.

We’re living in a patriarchal society. Don’t raise the dinner lady’s pay—lower that of the bin man’s. You must travel with a man to keep safe. You must be in early, someone might hurt you.

Yes—you could get in trouble. But fall in love—and then fall out of it. Travel somewhere and go alone. Paint your face and wear it proudly. Walk barefoot through meadows and wear flower garlands round your wrists. Love everything, and love it hard. It’s what makes you a girl.

You’ll walk through the rain and come out with a better soul and a kinder heart because that’s how it is. Fight against injustice and then come home and cook.

Because you can still do it.

There’s no point listening to the ones who say that women are too weak. Think of all those who protest, or even of those who sat, and still sit, patiently at home with love in their eyes, waiting for their husband.

Strength comes in many ways. Don’t let anyone tell you that’s it’s impossible for you to be strong simply because you’re a girl.

That would be a lie.


Sunday, July 11, 2010


Hello My name is Sierra, I am American and I live in England I moved here when I was seven and one thing that has become pretty obvious for me is that British people love American accents! Unfortunately for me I still have a slight trace of one.
So one day, at some park with my friend, we were playing on this swing when some guy and his friend comes on the swing next to us. Me and my friend are talking to each other normally and the guy just says "Are you American?"
"Yes, I am." I say calmly and continue to talk with my friend. "So why did you chose here to go on holiday?" he continues to ask.
I roll my eyes and say "I am not on holiday I live here."
"Where do you live?" he asks. "I'd rather not say." I say.
After all he is a complete stranger.

"Well which state are you from?" he carries on asking. "You wouldn't of heard of it!" I warn but he just says over - confidently "Yes I would!"
"Michigan." I challenge. "Where's that?" he asks and my friend giggles.
"Near Chicago." I say. "Oh right." he says and starts to talk to his friend.

So by then I seriously thought he would finish bugging me so I start to turn to my friend when asks again "So have you ever been to Disney Land Florida?"
"Yes." I sigh getting impatient. "Yes I have, when I was four."
He opens his mouth about to ask yet another question when I put on a weird face and accent and say "My mummy says not to talk to strangers SO GOOD BYE!" I shout in his face and me and my friend walk away until about five minutes when we come back and as expected the guys are gone so we carry on whatever we were doing in peace until the next day when they......


P.S. The reason that it says this was posted and 12:30 am is because I am posting this in England and because of the time difference here it is the morning.

Monday, July 5, 2010


First of all, Hi. This is Gabrielle. And I'm a new contributor to Rant Once or Twice.

So here goes.

I wear glasses. I know lots of other people who wear glasses. Chances are, you know someone who wears glasses too. Now, the thing that bothers me is when people think that just because you wear glasses, you are completely and totally blind without them on.
"CAN YOU SEE THIS?" they yell, (as if wearing glasses makes you deaf as well) four fingers held in front of your face, "HOW MANY FINGERS AM I HOLDING UP?"
Hmmm...maybe I should humor them and let them think I really am blind. Of course, you don't really say that. Instead, you say, "OF COURSE I can see that! It's three bloody inches from my face!"
"Well SO-RRY!! I'm not the one that has to wear GLASSES!" But instead of just leaving you well alone, they step back a few feet. "HOW MANY FINGERS AM I HOLDING UP NOW?"
"Seven," you say, rolling your eyes.
In the meantime, your glasses seem to have made their way across the room, with people trying them on willy-nilly. "HOW DO I LOOK?!" someone shrieks.
"Okay, okay, okay, one last time," says the person testing your blindness, "how many fingers am I holding up NOW?"
"Two," you reply.
"HA HA HA! GOTCHA!!!!!!!!" they say, holding up their other hand, which was concealed in their pocket, and has three fingers raised.
"OKAY, you got me. Can I have my glasses back now?" Once you retrieve your glasses, you think with disgust, great, now I'm going to have to bathe these in sanitizer once I get home. 
And it's only nine in the morning.


Still Places!

I still have places open for more ranters! :) Read the first post (which isn't actually that far down the page) for details. Oh except, I've now made an email offically for Rant Once or Twice which is: Also, it calls me 'May and Others' but I (May) am the only person who can ever view the account. :) Unless I have to give permission to somebody else, which I doubt.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Vegetarianism: PETA

Okay, so as some as you know, I'm a vegetarian and I have been for a few years. I don't plan on changing this :)

I don't eat meat because I think it's cruel, it also tastes pretty sick. And don't be thinking Oh no, some 'or bloody complaining about people being cruel to animals. Cos you're pretty wrong there.

What I am here to complain about is those people. 'EWWWWW YOU MEANIE!!!! YOU BOUGHT A LEATHER HANDBAG I HATE YOUUUUUUU!' cool it sister. Like for an example the PETA. It's absolutly crazy. Take PETA kids as an example. Super chick sisters is a total rip off of Mario except they fight KFC and McDonalds. It's mad. Like with every single thing it's blood dripping from the KFC box and disgusting facts about how the chickens are treated. It's horrible to tell young children who'd be playing the game that chickens sensitive beaks are cut off. That's cruelty, to CHILDREN.
On the adult PETA website it gives reasons not to eat pork. If you don't want to eat meat, that's up to you, not some facts telling you that it makes you fat.
Oh jet, I've just clicked on a game on PETA kids. The game isn't availible so it tells me:

We’re sorry! We can’t find that page.

This could have happened for several reasons:

1. The page may be extinct, just as you soon could be, too, if you are still loading your plate with hamburgers, cheese pizzas, and other artery-clogging animal-based foods.

2. The page may have been moved, like animals in circuses, who are hauled around the country in poorly ventilated trailers and boxcars for up to 50 weeks a year in all kinds of extreme weather conditions.

3. You may have made a mistake while typing the address, or we may have made a mistake when creating the link. Mistakes can be corrected. When Anna Wintour got a dead raccoon dumped on her lap by an angry anti-fur protester, she should have learned that wearing the pelts of animals who were cruelly gassed, strangled, or electrocuted is a big mistake. Yet the creepy Cruella continues to push fur in the pages of Vogue.

4. Our Web server may be malfunctioning. When stun guns and “killing machines” in slaughterhouses malfunction, live chickens get dumped into tanks of scalding-hot water (for feather removal) while they are completely conscious, and workers cut the hooves off terrified, conscious cows.

The PETA are a BLOODY DISASTER. I wish they'd shove it. I know they're like, saving animals. But, it's not working I'm afraid. It's creepy. They should confront the companies and get people to sign petitions and stuff, on the streets. Not the internet, I mean, what kids use that anyway? I know! Children and teenagers who think the whole thing is hilarious, which of course it is. It's stupid. I'm not gonna try and stop them, why bother? I'm a happy vegetarian and I hate seeing things on TV with people killing animals on cookery programs. But I'm used to seeing others eat meat and it doesn't bother me. It's really up to you, not some mad PETA people. Don't let them influence you. Make the choice yourself.