Friday, May 27, 2011

Cooler than me?

You got designer shades,
just to hide your face,
and you wear 'em around like you're cooler than me.

I know, it's rather strange to be quoting a pop-song that is popular and everything - unlike me anyway. Though, the topic interests me. Cooler than me. The song itself isn't preticularly inspiring, weird rapping going on, odd lyrics. You know, to be expected, but just these words. Cooler than me. You probably think that this is going nowhere, but you just wait one moment.

Anyway, I'm currently playing the song over and over on youtube and trying to think. Music + Thinking = not helpful. Though, I'm just concentrating on those three words, Cooler than me. I know, it's rather strange. I'm not quite sure what to say about this.

Really, the thoughts whizzing around my head are memories. That horrid girl in my class, slapping me across the face, calling the nicest girl in the class (also my *new* best friend) a 'stuck up b****' and me an a**h***. Wearing make-up age eleven, to the extreme. Messing. Pouting. Seeing teenagers on the street, not just any teenagers, anarchists and vandals. Black hoodies. Being looked down on. Suddenly feeling small and vulnerable. Going places alone. Skirts that go up way past the knee. When people think bras will do as t-shirts. High ponytails. Big cities.

Yet, the song itself doesn't really make me feel all those things. Only when I think deep into it. The song is a comfort, in a kind of a way. Bar the weird wrapping and the fact that the dude is completely giving out about whoever it is. Though, I wouldn't mind doing that to certain people. No offense.

And you never say hey,
Or remember my name,
And it's probably 'cuz you think you're cooler than me.

A person I know never 'remembers' my name now that I think of it. "Hey, whats-your-name? Oh yeah. Maeve. BlahBlahRandomConversation" except, she doesn't do it out of memory issues, but because she does indeed think that she's cooler than me, though if I'm quite honest, I'm cooler than her. Not because I wear make-up, or get better brands or whatever (none of which I do by the way) but because I'm in control of my own head. I make my own decisions, not buy the clothes that reflect shear dud-headery. No offense. I don't get caught in the wave, I don't shout out random curses for no reason. I may be a silly-moo-moo-head, but I do not in the least scare little kids.

If I could write you a song to make you fall in love,
I wouldn't bother.

This won't be the best post ever, but I hope you guys liked it.

Also, we'll soon be hosting auditions or excepting another person or two onto 'the team'. This blog has been a little neglected, sorry about that. But with a fresh face or two, we could get it up to it's full glory! (And encourage older members to remember it!)

One last thing, I listened to 'Cooler than me' by Mike Posner five times whilst writing this post, and none of the quote-y lyric-y things belong to me! Just the post/views! Thanks


Friday, February 11, 2011

A Vent

 I'm pretty sure I posted something along these lines on my personal blog, but anyway.

Life is tragic.

I've no free time, I'm under pressure to get 90%s in my exams {though I'm the only one who said I should get that...}, I've had three weeks in a row of sheer exhaustion and I want to collapse.

That aside, my class are not my friends anymore. I know, I just sound like a preschooler, but I'm serious. They tease eachother about boys, dare each other to wear heels in front of them, dare each other to wear make-up etc. They swear. And I only like a quarter of my class, and last year I liked all but one. Ugh.

I hate when things change. I hate loosing something you've loved, whether it be a person or an object. I mean, I feel as if my pride and joy, American Girl dolls aren't going to resume to be loved, I do hope it's just because I've had no time to do anything but homework. I hate the day your face falls when you realize what puberty is. I hate when your DVD player breaks. I hate when arrangements are canceled. I hate when everyone around you is unwell. I hate when your best friend moves to a boarding school and makes new friends. I hate when you don't know anybody in the room. I hate when someone you considered a friend that you hadn't seen for ages ignores you. I hate when you're given out to by someone. I hate when you just randomly feel like crying. I hate when your tummy is sore and it's the middle of school. I hate when you're bursting for the loo but don't like to ask the teacher can you go.

Though I'm not full of hatered. The mid-term is coming up, just one more week. But there are loads of tests that week. And I need to revise for them this. weekend. I need to make stuff for school as well. Uck. I just said I wasn't full of hatred didn't I. Whoops.

I do like life. And I'd much rather be living it than not. But thing is, I used to be really popular... and I suppose I'm just not. I'm rather tired, so if this post was rubbish, I'm sorry.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Hey, I'm Ellie. I haven't posted on here in ages, but I want to rant. :C Woot.

Okay, so what's really, really annoying me is the fact that people are so judgemental and hypocritical.

(If you're wondering what either of these words mean, is that judgemental is like prejudice: you judge someone before you know them. Hypocritical is where you say something like: 'Don't go and dance on the roof stark naked!' and then you go do it yourself. Basically, I fail at explanations. :P)

Anyways, back to the point, I'm sick of people being so judgemental and hypocritical. I mean, I'm a thirteen year old girl who works hard at school, goes to all her lessons, does all her homework, reads in her spare time... according to some, I'm "perfect". Meanwhile, in the real world, I just want to do well in school but still have fun, like every person. I don't want to be like my step-brother who's left stacking shelves in a supermarket because he slacked off in all of his exams. And the thing is, we start exams in England about now. I've chosen what I want to do for the rest of my life and I can't change that, and if I realise my choices were a mistake... well, I've got to live with that, surely? I can't just take the easy route out and do nothing for the rest of my life.

Kids at my school are always saying: "Aw, you're such a nerd/geek/boffin!" Well, I don't walk up to them and tell them they're stupid, do I? And the minute I start to joke and call them a gangster or something, they get all in a huffy and walk away. I mean, that's so... eh, hypocritical, for want of a better word.
(Feel free to tell me I'm removing the whole point here, but they're the ones that wear more plastic-gold to school than the plastic factory itself owns. They're the ones that swear at the teachers even though they can't spell 'cupboard' even though they've been in education ever since they were four.)

They tell me I'm something and they mean it, but the moment I start to joke they develop a sudden urge to get all angry with me? It just makes me so angry; just because I want to have a good education, and they don't want to have one, doesn't mean that they can just tell me how to live my life and that I need to loosen up a bit. This is our education. We'll never be taught any of this again for free, and to be able to function in a real world situation, you need to work and realise that you can't just sit on your butt all the time and expect your parents or your teachers or the government to sort it out for you.

And also, because of the fact I read and do my homework and probably because I have braces and because I'm a bit taller and wider than a lot of the girls at school, I get the mickey taken out of me by people I've never even spoken to before. I'll be walking through the corridors, minding my own business, when suddenly someone'll walk past me and go 'Haha, look at you, fatty!'

No wonder I barely have any friends; people won't accept people for who they are on the inside any more, will they?

[/end super uber long rant]

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Braces Suck

So, I got braces. And frankly right now I don't care about the perfectly straight teeth I'll have in eighteen months, or anything like that.
What I care about is the fact that I can't eat anything without feeling paranoid. All my favourite foods get twisted around the wires of my brace and leave me looking like a starved carnivore scratching and scrabbling for anything to eat.
Just try eating pasta with pesto, pine nuts and mushrooms, my go-to lunch. It leaves me with mouldy teeth. Just try eating homemade cakes, a delicious treat. It leaves with me with crumbs everywhere. Just try eating pizza. I'm turning into a grandmother, cutting it up with knife and fork.
And I'm oh-so very bitter about it all.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

This Blog is Neglected

And therefore, I invite another keen Ranter onboard. But, my problem is, I have no idea who. So if you are a ranter, please comment below. If you'd like to nominate or recommend someone, comment with their name, and blog-link. I'll do the rest from there.

But, I do have a rant, and I posted it on my main blog, so here it is. Just click this. Mhm.

I'd also appreciate if you did the poll on my sidebar, it's about whether I should change the blog design.


Friday, November 12, 2010


I was reading Eldwarden's post 'One man and one woman', I retain, and she retains the right to keep what she's said to her blog. And although I think her blog is great, I was absolutely... well... I flared up in anger actually, when I read the post I mentioned earlier.
She's right, she retains the right to say whatever; it's her blog. But I would like to say what I think about this matter.

Okay, I am Christian. Not the biggest Christian that ever lived but anyway. And yes, God was against gay-ness {not in the happy kind of way}. Some of you may think, what God said, we must follow. Yeah, he said. 
 It just so happens to be 2010. The 21st century, and 2,010 years AD. I do not want this to be a completely religious post but God told us that he didn't like homosexuals all those years ago. Opinions change. Who honestly knows though. But, first of all the turn of the 16th Century could have been the day he changed his mind, or it may have happened naturally, or he may still have the same opinion. Again, who knows? It has been a near forever since he said it and all we can do is assume he still thinks like that. He mayn't though.

Then, aside from religion, I do not get why people hold prejudice against gays. I admit it, I did. I don't see why. I mean, I might automatically imagine two men in totally camp clothes snogging but sheesh. I didn't know that love is not about that. Love is when you want to be with someone, when you enjoy their presence, and TOLERATE their views. Kissing/hugging/snogging etc. is only a small part of it.

And what's more, people do not choose to be gay. Maybe, all his life, he had been waiting for the perfect woman, tall, fair hair, and whatever else a man would desire, when, on business he meets John. Fairly, well, un-attractive but they click. They talk, they're great friends, maybe not the same interests but then one day the man realises that John is the only man he wants to be with, no, the only person in the whole world. And sadly, a few people would gag at that little story I made up unless I replaced the 'man' for the woman. Then they'd all be swooning.

I know, a few of my friends are religious and I respect that, I'm happy that they think that way, but I'm afraid I can't agree with them on this one. I'm sorry. 

Thank you all for reading.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

This is the whole Shazam-doodle where we rant, right?

Hello, I'm Linney, and I'm going to rant. What am I going to rant about? Something there's a 99% chance you haven't heard of.


CSPE (which stands for Civic, Social and Political Education, it's not some weird disease or something) is a compulsory subject in Ireland for the Junior Certificate (often shortened to Junior Cert), a set of exams taken by all Irish teenagers about half-way through secondary school. It is a common paper, which is to say that there is no Higher, Ordinary or Foundation level, everyone does it at the same level.

Doesn't sound so bad, right? I mean, in theory it's rather interesting. Let's all discuss politics, equality and democracy in a non-judgemental environment! But no, it's not like that at all. Rather, we get a one-sided view from our teacher who smells funny and has terrible teeth. She makes such blatantly childish statements as "It is everyone's responsibility to vote in a general election," -- I mean sorry, but what the hell?

Sorry madam, but I'm not putting my money (or vote) on any of the disastrous politicians here, you can make a mess of things for yourself. I don't agree with their views, they're all a bunch of lying hypocrites and I do not want to feel any hint of responsibility for any single one of them burying this country deeper and deeper in its own crap. I say any of that to my teacher and it's wrong.

Oh yay, why don't we have a nice debate on how eco-friendly Ireland is and what improvements can be made to the way we use electricity, perhaps we could even maturely discuss the fact that I'm naturally sceptical about some of the claims people make about global warming!

Oh no, sorry, we can't do that either, because of course EVERYTHING the institutions for global warming say is right. It's not like science has ever been wrong before. The universe revolving around the earth, Corn Flakes causing cancer, the world being flat -- yeah yeah, that all happened. Yes, I'll just go around with some flowers stuffed up my nose because at one stage science said that doing so stops you from getting colds.

(Don't get me wrong, we need to combat the issue of energy consumption for a number of reasons, but we won't get into that here.)

So anyway, in conclusion, all of you who aren't in Ireland are lucky you don't have to do this abomination of a course, and I hope your impressionable young minds quench their thirst for knowledge by engaging in proper debate in order to get things actually done. Unless of course you don't give a hoot about politics, in which case go and have a little run around outside and enjoy the fresh air. Or something else that is fun for you, I'm not picky.

Happy ranting!