Friday, May 27, 2011

Cooler than me?

You got designer shades,
just to hide your face,
and you wear 'em around like you're cooler than me.

I know, it's rather strange to be quoting a pop-song that is popular and everything - unlike me anyway. Though, the topic interests me. Cooler than me. The song itself isn't preticularly inspiring, weird rapping going on, odd lyrics. You know, to be expected, but just these words. Cooler than me. You probably think that this is going nowhere, but you just wait one moment.

Anyway, I'm currently playing the song over and over on youtube and trying to think. Music + Thinking = not helpful. Though, I'm just concentrating on those three words, Cooler than me. I know, it's rather strange. I'm not quite sure what to say about this.

Really, the thoughts whizzing around my head are memories. That horrid girl in my class, slapping me across the face, calling the nicest girl in the class (also my *new* best friend) a 'stuck up b****' and me an a**h***. Wearing make-up age eleven, to the extreme. Messing. Pouting. Seeing teenagers on the street, not just any teenagers, anarchists and vandals. Black hoodies. Being looked down on. Suddenly feeling small and vulnerable. Going places alone. Skirts that go up way past the knee. When people think bras will do as t-shirts. High ponytails. Big cities.

Yet, the song itself doesn't really make me feel all those things. Only when I think deep into it. The song is a comfort, in a kind of a way. Bar the weird wrapping and the fact that the dude is completely giving out about whoever it is. Though, I wouldn't mind doing that to certain people. No offense.

And you never say hey,
Or remember my name,
And it's probably 'cuz you think you're cooler than me.

A person I know never 'remembers' my name now that I think of it. "Hey, whats-your-name? Oh yeah. Maeve. BlahBlahRandomConversation" except, she doesn't do it out of memory issues, but because she does indeed think that she's cooler than me, though if I'm quite honest, I'm cooler than her. Not because I wear make-up, or get better brands or whatever (none of which I do by the way) but because I'm in control of my own head. I make my own decisions, not buy the clothes that reflect shear dud-headery. No offense. I don't get caught in the wave, I don't shout out random curses for no reason. I may be a silly-moo-moo-head, but I do not in the least scare little kids.

If I could write you a song to make you fall in love,
I wouldn't bother.

This won't be the best post ever, but I hope you guys liked it.

Also, we'll soon be hosting auditions or excepting another person or two onto 'the team'. This blog has been a little neglected, sorry about that. But with a fresh face or two, we could get it up to it's full glory! (And encourage older members to remember it!)

One last thing, I listened to 'Cooler than me' by Mike Posner five times whilst writing this post, and none of the quote-y lyric-y things belong to me! Just the post/views! Thanks