Thursday, August 26, 2010

Darling Dear, Get A Grip

Post title shamelessly 'borrowed' from the wonderful Lyrical Lies by the terrific Cute Is What We Aim For. ;)
Today's rant is about the evils of popular music. More specifically, this is about the weak songs that submit to the macho man being the person who tells you what to do, what to say, and how to act. My example is the terrible song The Writer by Ellie Goulding. {lyrics here, video here}

The chorus in this tune is the part that really gets my goat. Telling someone that they can the artist; and make me out of clay? the writer and decide the words I say?

is just ridiculous. I find the idea surrounding popular song lyrics, the idea that you need a man to make you complete, utter rubbish. Artists like Ellie Goulding have achieved so much in their lives, especially the teenage phenomenons. Yet still they think a slow love song or an upbeat song about having tons of girlfriends {the former generally pretty young girls, the latter rapping dudes} is the ticket to fame. Take a reality check. You can write--or should I say sing, as the majority of popular female artists these days either don't write their own songs or just add a little--inspiring, uplifting songs. If you've got the talent you should be able to sing about cutlery. 
Take, for example, the brilliant Regina Spektor. Some of her songs are feisty and upbeat, some are more melancholy, but they are all amazingly written and make the listener think. Or maybe Dar Williams, a relatively unknown folk singer, who can yodel and do that twiddly crossing octaves thing with her voice in the space of one chorus and a verse. These women all write brilliant songs. Lots of them are about love, but are open for interpratation. None of these ladies have ever asked a temporary fling to tell them what to say. These women know their own minds.
So go out there. This is the twenty-first century. Know your own mind.
Maybe I'm completely missing the point, maybe The Writer is about loving someone so much you are them. But somehow the paltry lyrics just don't convey that. 
P.S. Ellie Goulding is not the only one guilty of this crime. Many people are and The Writer was just the most recent song I heard.

Monday, August 16, 2010

School? (Extremely long post)

MrsTrE - Wants to be my best friend, I do not want her to be mine
L - Best friend, has left my school.
T - Super nice girl, I would like to be good friends with
N - Nice girl, I would like to be good friends with.
ABC - Nice girl, in with ST's (see below) clique
ST - bullyish annoying one
A1 & A2 - girls with the same real name who were/are bestfriends. They are ok.
 K9 - okay-ish girl who used to be unpopular but has 'raised her status'
 G - the incredibly annoying one
EA - annoying but harmless
C - okay, just like the other girls in  my class
SHA - Bossy boots, alright though.

 I dreamt last night of a place, not any old place; a wonderfully---- there is my attempt of being funny.
 But anyway, it's getting quite close to school time. I'm not exactly optimistic about it. What's my biggest 'wahhh'?

My best friend will no longer be in school.

And this girl, shall we call her MrsTrE .... anyway. So My best friend (lemme just call her L) and I were hanging out with this girl called MrsTrE cos she didn't have ANY friends in the school apart from this nasty piece of work in the class a year above us. So then she thought L was her best friend and I was kinda aswell. But now that L has left MrsTrE thinks I will become her best friend. I'd much rather hang out with T or N but I don't want to upset MrsTrE. :P

Also there are two incredibly b***hy girls in my class who I am sooo frikin' not looking forward to seeing. One of them actually bullied me, but then I told the teacher. She still annoys me sometimes but whenever I say stop she's all 'Sorry :('. At least I've got power. And the other one is just soo terrible grammar on the internet, annoying, telling me that they were already talking and giving the message for me to piss off.

I guess I am popular in my class, people like me but I'm not exactly I dunno. People have started cliques or w/e you call them. And well I was hanging' with L for most of the time so I guess we had our own little thing. The people who aren't in cliques are, i dunno, 'unpopular'?.

N is nice, she's the oldest and I'm the second oldest. But... well, I dunno how to put it. I don't know if I should put it. But anyway, she's smart and really interesting to talk to. We do get on really well.  

T is really really friendly and stuff. I know for a fact that she really likes me in a friend way. So I guess those two will be my 'buds'.

A1 and A2 are okay. They don't dislike me, but they are in a clique with the annoying one, G.

ABC and ST(the bullyish one) were in a clique with a girl who just left. They don't seem to like eachother too much. Always fighting and that. And K9 is another girl who hangs with them sometimes. She used to be 'uncool' but seems to have raised her status a bit.

EA is a little annoying, but harmless. C is alright. The wrest are good and okay and stuff. SAH is a bossy boots but whatcha gonna do with hormones and all that.

And MrsTrE has anger management problems.

I do enjoy looking through school books when we get them each year only to hate them as the year goes on. And I've been putting loads (6) key rings on my schoolbag. And there isn't any room for more. I've also got a few school supplies.

And to wrap this up, I'm not sure wether I'm looking forward to it or not.

~-~ Maeve

Friday, August 13, 2010

A Fashion Faux Pas

Seriously. Why do boys do it? Honest to goodness it frightens me. You must know what I'm talking about.
Sagging. The dictionary definition is as follows:
to hang down unevenly; droop.
This is not something that need apply to boy's trousers, and that I am adamant about. For some reason tween- and teen-aged boys believe it is cool to walk about displayed a ruler's length of their boxers. Which, frankly, is something I do not wish to see. 

Is their motive is to attract girls, to look cool or to make me retch? I can assure the third item is the only one they are succeeding in. No self-respecting female would mingle with a boy that thinks it is fashionable to bare his butt. And, for the record, the modern definition of 'sagging' stems from prisoners in the 1990's and nastiness that happened in the cells. Fashions from the '90's and dirty happenings are not cool. Plus if you're a wanna-be gangsta and rebel wearing sagging you'll look pretty constipated running away from the police as you stumble over your jeans and they tangle about your knees and ankles.

Plus--this is just not an economically sensible fashion. It's always a different pattern on your boxers, and although you can get two for a tenner, you end up buying ten for sixty quid. You can get a belt for £12.00. Affordable and less idiotic.

Think twice, boys, before baring your butt to the nation. Once you poop yourself in public with your trousers in the popular sagging style you'll regret it. Mark my words.


Sunday, August 1, 2010


The thing that gets me with these guys is that when things can be REALLY, REALLY cruel they deny it's even happening.