Friday, November 12, 2010


I was reading Eldwarden's post 'One man and one woman', I retain, and she retains the right to keep what she's said to her blog. And although I think her blog is great, I was absolutely... well... I flared up in anger actually, when I read the post I mentioned earlier.
She's right, she retains the right to say whatever; it's her blog. But I would like to say what I think about this matter.

Okay, I am Christian. Not the biggest Christian that ever lived but anyway. And yes, God was against gay-ness {not in the happy kind of way}. Some of you may think, what God said, we must follow. Yeah, he said. 
 It just so happens to be 2010. The 21st century, and 2,010 years AD. I do not want this to be a completely religious post but God told us that he didn't like homosexuals all those years ago. Opinions change. Who honestly knows though. But, first of all the turn of the 16th Century could have been the day he changed his mind, or it may have happened naturally, or he may still have the same opinion. Again, who knows? It has been a near forever since he said it and all we can do is assume he still thinks like that. He mayn't though.

Then, aside from religion, I do not get why people hold prejudice against gays. I admit it, I did. I don't see why. I mean, I might automatically imagine two men in totally camp clothes snogging but sheesh. I didn't know that love is not about that. Love is when you want to be with someone, when you enjoy their presence, and TOLERATE their views. Kissing/hugging/snogging etc. is only a small part of it.

And what's more, people do not choose to be gay. Maybe, all his life, he had been waiting for the perfect woman, tall, fair hair, and whatever else a man would desire, when, on business he meets John. Fairly, well, un-attractive but they click. They talk, they're great friends, maybe not the same interests but then one day the man realises that John is the only man he wants to be with, no, the only person in the whole world. And sadly, a few people would gag at that little story I made up unless I replaced the 'man' for the woman. Then they'd all be swooning.

I know, a few of my friends are religious and I respect that, I'm happy that they think that way, but I'm afraid I can't agree with them on this one. I'm sorry. 

Thank you all for reading.


  1. Same. I agree. And isn't a part of religion learning to be tolerant of things?
    I also became angry when reading that post. GAY PEOPLE DID NOT CHOOSE TO BE GAY, IT'S THE WAY THEY ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And if you're religious, then a gay person is that way because GOD MADE THEM THAT WAY!!!!!
    (I am not extremely religious either, May)
    I know quite a few gays and they are all wonderful, kind, loving, AMAZING PEOPLE!!!!!

  2. I totally agree. Love is love, and whether it's man & woman, man and man, or woman and woman, it's love that matters. Isn't it better for two men/women to be happy together and have a beautiful life than to be forced into the typical marriage and hate their husband/wife and fall into a spiral of depression?
    Nobody has the right to tell anyone who they should and shouldn't love.

  3. I'm glad you agree with me :)

  4. ETA:

    actually, I read a similar post on another blog--but they were both saying the same thing.

    they even made blog buttons that said something like: "marriage: one man and one woman"


    1. That is horrible! They need to except that people are the way they are. I know some people who are homosexual. They are funny, amazing, and still God's children!

  5. What, the same as Eldwarden's?