Saturday, January 15, 2011

This Blog is Neglected

And therefore, I invite another keen Ranter onboard. But, my problem is, I have no idea who. So if you are a ranter, please comment below. If you'd like to nominate or recommend someone, comment with their name, and blog-link. I'll do the rest from there.

But, I do have a rant, and I posted it on my main blog, so here it is. Just click this. Mhm.

I'd also appreciate if you did the poll on my sidebar, it's about whether I should change the blog design.



  1. MAY!

    Its Georgie4agz (or Georgina) from the AGFMB! I'de love to be a ranter ;)

  2. Well, I like to rant! (I said that to my friend today, and I thought I sounded really odd and a bit creepy!!)