Friday, February 11, 2011

A Vent

 I'm pretty sure I posted something along these lines on my personal blog, but anyway.

Life is tragic.

I've no free time, I'm under pressure to get 90%s in my exams {though I'm the only one who said I should get that...}, I've had three weeks in a row of sheer exhaustion and I want to collapse.

That aside, my class are not my friends anymore. I know, I just sound like a preschooler, but I'm serious. They tease eachother about boys, dare each other to wear heels in front of them, dare each other to wear make-up etc. They swear. And I only like a quarter of my class, and last year I liked all but one. Ugh.

I hate when things change. I hate loosing something you've loved, whether it be a person or an object. I mean, I feel as if my pride and joy, American Girl dolls aren't going to resume to be loved, I do hope it's just because I've had no time to do anything but homework. I hate the day your face falls when you realize what puberty is. I hate when your DVD player breaks. I hate when arrangements are canceled. I hate when everyone around you is unwell. I hate when your best friend moves to a boarding school and makes new friends. I hate when you don't know anybody in the room. I hate when someone you considered a friend that you hadn't seen for ages ignores you. I hate when you're given out to by someone. I hate when you just randomly feel like crying. I hate when your tummy is sore and it's the middle of school. I hate when you're bursting for the loo but don't like to ask the teacher can you go.

Though I'm not full of hatered. The mid-term is coming up, just one more week. But there are loads of tests that week. And I need to revise for them this. weekend. I need to make stuff for school as well. Uck. I just said I wasn't full of hatred didn't I. Whoops.

I do like life. And I'd much rather be living it than not. But thing is, I used to be really popular... and I suppose I'm just not. I'm rather tired, so if this post was rubbish, I'm sorry.


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