Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Braces Suck

So, I got braces. And frankly right now I don't care about the perfectly straight teeth I'll have in eighteen months, or anything like that.
What I care about is the fact that I can't eat anything without feeling paranoid. All my favourite foods get twisted around the wires of my brace and leave me looking like a starved carnivore scratching and scrabbling for anything to eat.
Just try eating pasta with pesto, pine nuts and mushrooms, my go-to lunch. It leaves me with mouldy teeth. Just try eating homemade cakes, a delicious treat. It leaves with me with crumbs everywhere. Just try eating pizza. I'm turning into a grandmother, cutting it up with knife and fork.
And I'm oh-so very bitter about it all.


  1. yeuch. I am not looking forward to getting those metal contraptions of death and starvation drilled to my teeth.

  2. Yes. I'm used to it, but at the same time I can't smile without worring I'll have goo inbetween my braces. And pizza? Whenever I eat that it looks like I've just sunk my teeth into some flesh or something. I agree, what joy.


  3. Oh, I had 3 years of this misery described. 3 years. Just always carry a little mirror, and a 'food-picker-outerer'. Good luck xx